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Polystyrene is the white stuff your TV comes in. It’s lightweight, low cost, flame retardant, and is highly resistant to adverse effects of moisture. It offers no nutritional value to pests and can be covered with water-based paint. It’s also quick to make.

Often referred to as EPS comes in a wide range of density’s depending on the application. Polystyrene is used as insulation, sectional pipe insulation (SPI), packaging, void forming as props, and filling. It’s an extremely diverse material. Think about white stuff, bubble foam, styrene, polyfoam, Styrofoam, what ever you want to call it. It’s a light weight, cost-effective solution to so many Problems. There’s an endless list of usages.


Popular for its low K value, fire and solvent resistance, strength, and as a substitute for wood, polyurethane can be shaped and sculpted into almost anything.

Polyurethane comes as polyisocyanurate (PIR), a fire-rated product which insulates to higher temperatures than styrene. Most urethanes are for either sectional pipe insulation or sheets for insulation but it’s often used for packaging. Polyurethane can be found in various densities, making it almost made to order.


Similar to polyurethane, this material has extra flame resistance properties and is suitable for use in much wider temperature ranges.


Rockwool is a high-temperature product that’s commonly used for Tempretures above 100°C . It extends to greater temperatures than well past urethane.

Some of the properties include:

| .045 K Value at 100 deg

| 120kg per m3

| Service temperatures above 650°C.