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Polyurethane and polystyrene is among the most versatile materials. It’s flexible, cost effective and meets construction, house & home, appliance manufacturing, transportation, and energy industry challenges.

Polyurethane is used in more applications that many people realise. It’s everywhere. Let us know the product that you need and we’ll create it.


Pipe Insulation

Pipe insulation, Pipe lagging or sectional pipe insulation (SPI) as we like to call it, can be cut to size. You can order with exact measurements or in nominal sizes such as DN, DN, NBS & OD. The pipe insulation can also be joined in flat cut or headlock style, depending on the application, budget and speed of the project. We manufacture from a variety of different materials, such as Expanded Polystyrene, Polyurethane, Polyisocanurate (PIR urethane), rockwool, glass wool and cross-linked closed cell polyethene. Polyurethane & polystyrene insulation is an energy efficient solution for pipe insulation applications, in the service range of temperatures from -40°C to above 100°C. It provides high, compressive strength and superior moisture resistance, along with stable r-value to preserve the temperature of any pipes. Light weight, with no CFC, HCFC, HFC or formaldehyde and easy to fabricate, the cost effective thermal design is among the highest priorities for pipe insulation.

Residential Insulation

Poor insulation contributes to wasted energy in Australia, with many homes under insulated due to lack of knowledge. Builders and homeowners simply weren’t aware of the available insulation products suitable for walls, floors, under slab and ceilings. Polystyrene can be a quick and effective method to insulate the shed or verandah that you want to use on a more regular basis. It’s lightweight, neat, and simple to install by yourself. The combination of rigid foam insulation with the mass of concrete and generally airtight construction, makes insulating concrete forms a good sound insulator with typical 300mm walls delivering a sound transmission class (STC) rating. Efficient insulation will keep a building cool in summer by reflecting heat and warm in winter, retaining heat. This not only makes the structure comfortable year round, but will save money with lower heating & cooling costs. Over the life of a building, efficient insulation will more than pay for itself. Under slab insulation can be done in various ways. Pods being the choice by many builders as there use improves insulation and dramatically reduced the volume of concrete required.

Signage, Lettering and Templates

Rigid foam dimensional signage and letters are an economical way to build large, high impact signs. It’s a fraction of the cost of pay-to-install channel or metal letters. Very light weight and moisture resistant, the material can be cut to any custom design. Tell us the height and thickness of your text, design or logo and if you have a font in mind, and we’ll do the rest. Blank polystyrene letters look great with any water-based paint. They’re unique features at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and launch parties. Depending on budget and requirements can be done on either the 2-axis or 3-axis machines.


We’re an industry leader in foam packaging, expanded polystyrene foam, injection moulding, and vacuum forming. All kinds of industries use our packaging services, such as agriculture, aquaculture, general packaging, industrial and automotive, building and construction, science and medical, retail and leisure, and custom moulding.

Sculptures & Architecture Props Theatre, Television and Film Productions

Bringing art to reality, we create foam sculptures and characters for use in restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues. Our architectural mouldings are perfect for residential and commercial construction, and All Axis props can be seen in theatre, television, and film productions. Given the light weight and durability of polyurethane and polystyrene, custom designs can range from the very large, to relatively small, relevant to their application. Share your blockbuster idea with us. We encourage imaginative thinking, so there are no limits with us.

Marine and Surf

Thanks to its closed-cell structure and light weight, polyurethane and polystyrene is buoyant and can be shaped for almost any application. With proper care and protection, it won’t corrode, decay or sink when punctured, giving you years of flotation service. The end result can be coated in either epoxy or polyester fibreglass (depending on material) and in most cases, we can generate a basic shape for you to shape to your hearts content. Hang ten!

Advertising Props (3D) - 3D Props/Designs

Quick to create and cool in appearance, we can make 3D letters as large or small as you like. If you have a budget in mind, we can work to fit within that. You’re only limit is your imagination. Using different methods, we’ll manufacture your perfect prop.

Architectural Shapes & Designs

Need something shaped to fit in with the rest of your house? We can help. Just provide us with a section of what’s already installed so we can match and reproduce it in with a high-density foam. This can then be either rendered or painted to keep in the context of the rest of the dwelling.


Balustrades can be made from either polystyrene or urethane and become a cost effective option. The range of designs is very open for aesthetics or limitation of space.

Building insulation

Quick to produce and install, it’s a great alternative to other products. While achieving a good insulation, polystyrene can be left exposed and still looking good and painted if required. Urethane will reduce

Church play designs, displays & props

Can be made quick and easy or elaborate and well defined. Some simple fence or archway to colossal size endeavors getting authentic representation of the center stage production

Columns, caps & bases

A simple post isn’t much to look at, but can quickly be improved with a column that can be rendered and attached making it a feature instead of an eyesore. The same can be applied to the capping on a fence or base of a garden bed.

Concrete voids

Sometimes a job isn’t about where the concrete is but where it isn’t. A simple square or styrene left where a drain pipe needs to be in your concrete slab can save the time of cutting it out afterword’s; this is how it’s been done for years but now days the accuracy and complexity of the void can be so much better adapted to get the best end result.


Repairing your old esky or making your own will work perfectly with foam; after all, it’s what they are made from. We can assist you in your perfect design to fit in your Boat, car or caravan but if a quick fix for the keg or miracle box can be easy done as well.


Hard to draw but easy to imagine, getting the dome shape for your pizza oven or whatever your after can actually be quite quick and easy.

Geofoam blocks

Polystyrene for geoforming is frequently used in civil work applications. Different grades can be used to achieve the required compressive strength. But saving weight and stress of other materials while being fast to transport and install.

Foam balls

Balls can be made as big or as small as required. Often used for floral decorations or similar excellent ideas. Maybe make that special snowman you have always wanted.


High density has additional attributes of being able to withhold extremely large loads, up to 38 g/l is even able to be used in place or XPS (extruded polystyrene).

Christmas displays

The festive time of year where we all get excited and motivated in the time of giving. Have an idea in your head of what you want to create but not sure how to create it? Maybe Foam can do it for you.

Spa covers

High density polystyrene has been used to insulate hot tub covers for years, if yours is no longer holding up to the task then it can very easily be replaced, a quick phone call can get you in the rapid path to being like new.

Insulated concrete forms

Laying foam in the concrete before it gets laid can add and insulation factor before you even get started.

Garage door / Roller door fill

Depending on the style of door it can be insulated quickly and easily to make the extra space now much more livable.

Parade floats

Always a marvel of creativity but the product of choice by the experts is urethane. Great for shaping to perfect detail and resistive to bumps and shocks makes it a great medium for parade floats.

Surfboard blanks

Always wanted to make that perfect surfboard? With the choice of materials we can give you a black canvas to work with or give us your basic starting point to give it your final shape. 2 basic sketches can be transformed into your surfboard black very easily by our computer controlled machines, but the best bit is once its right we do it again and again for you.