9 Maxwell Road Pooraka SA 5095

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About us

Like all true innovators, we’re driven by big ideas. For us, it started in 2013 in our shed, with a CNC router.

Word of mouth soon kicked in and, two years on, that little business blossomed to form All Axis Pty Ltd. We continued to expand our machinery to provide additional services – filling a gap that we saw in quality and professional cutting solutions in SA.

Today, All Axis incorporates fast wires, hot wires, sheet cutting, and CNC routering. Combining our skills, knowledge and tools, we’re one of Australia’s leading suppliers of polystyrene and polyurethane products.

Why All Axis?

All Axis is committed to providing premium, value added polystyrene and urethane and products and services for our customers.

Within three quick years, we’re manufacturing and supplying products for a variety of applications including insulation for residential and commercial construction, fabricated packaging, marine flotation and void material.

Research plays a big part in what we do, ensuring our products and processes and applications are constantly ahead of the curve, and the competitive pack. All backed up full customer technical support.

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